Men (A24) ’22

This week Matthew and Dean discuss the A24 flick, Men. It’s all trauma talk as the lads get into their interpretation of the events that Harper experiences after ditching her narcissistic and abusive husband, James. There is plenty of metaphor to go around, but can the lads pull it into something cohesive, or will they just teach you how to avoid getting abducted from your local shopping center?

Friday the 13th: Part III ’82 (Watchalong)

Dean, Scott, and Matthew continue their watchalong tradition of the Friday the 13th franchise, and this week it’s Part III. We are headed back to summer camp, but this time – in addition to dealing with a machete wielding maniac – we get to contented with criminal ruffians, an annoying hand-walker, a sauce-curled annoyance, and the wonderful power of early-80s 3D.

Predator 2 ’90 (Revisit)

After watching Hulu take a crack at the Predator franchise, Dean, Scott, and Matt decided to go BACK to 1990 and sit down to watch the wild second installment in the franchise, Predator 2. We all admit that it is not a particularly good movie, but it does have something going for it: it’s a ton of fun, and Danny Glover is fantastic. Strap on your Kevlar, don your pimp hat, and let’s hit the streets for some hot, sweaty, gang warfare with a predator tossed into the mix – LA style.

Prey ’22

Dean, Matthew, and Scott sit down to discuss the Hulu original, Prey. This flick seems to provoke a lot of emotional defense or decrying, and we can’t really figure out why. It’s a fairly competent, straight-to-streaming movie that doesn’t really emotionally move any of the hosts — for better or worse. It’s not an A movie, but it’s not an F movie either…

Overlord ’18

Matthew and Dean dive into some WWII Nazi zombie action. The question asked repeatedly on this week’s episode is: “How come nobody is talking about this movie?” As action-horror goes, according to the lads, this movie should be watched and considered by more people who are fans of the genre, but is anything WWII related a bit overdone at this point? Is this movie just a collection of scenes stolen from better movies about WWII? Press play and help us decide.

Crimes of the Future ’22

People have evolved away from being able to feel pain. What does that mean for our morality, our future, and how will it affect our art? Cronenberg introduces us to the Sark, an autopsy machine now used for art, a breakfast chair designed to help you eat, and a cast of characters that can best be summarized as — hyper sexualized weirdos. Does Crimes do enough to tantalize us emotionally or is it largely spectacle? Are the ideas interesting enough to maintain our interest for the full runtime? Push play and go on a crazy futuristic romp with the plastic eaters, the organ growers, and some wacky art parties.