GoT Deadpool FAQ | Season 7

Season 7 is almost here, so it’s time for the Deadpool to drop. For some logistical reasons it is not being hosted on the main LSG site, and is instead occupying its own little slice of the internet.

To visit the live site for weekly updates visit:

It will be pinned to the Facebook page and Tweeted out, but feel free to bookmark it in your browser if you’re into that sort of thing.

Since we more than tripled our participation from last season – a mere 19 listeners compared to this year’s 77 – we sliced and diced and organized you all into 6 divisions of 13. To round out the numbers I’m hanging out in the Riverlands with the likes of Craig Deely (loser!!!) – I’m not a host, so who am I to big-time you, right?

Below the image you’ll see a listing of all the participants and where they’re at. Use your browser’s search function to locate your name to see which division to keep an eye on as the season progresses and characters (hopefully) start dropping like flies.

(The titles of each division are also linked.)

Sound good? Then lets – ahem – get kraken!


Crownlands – Division 1

  1. Bronson Adams
  2. Shirley Baker
  3. Kelly Beam
  4. Eric Bruno
  5. Jesse Ellis
  6. Jay Fink
  7. Eliot Fraundorfer
  8. Ian George
  9. Christine Grysban
  10. Lou Harbison
  11. Christopher Hill
  12. Frank Keim
  13. Maria Triana Kirby

The North – Division 2

  1. Steph Dion
  2. David DLKJ
  3. Daniel Falch
  4. Steve Fernald
  5. Megan Garrett
  6. Stephen Holloway
  7. Jamie Lomas
  8. Vanessa Madigan
  9. Will McAllister
  10. Jo Pulcini
  11. David Staton
  12. Mark Stepanek
  13. Ryan Tierney

Riverlands – Division 3

  1. Craig Deely
  2. Michael Claudio
  3. Jonathan Marginson
  4. Alan Michael Pules
  5. Grace Hanzelin
  6. Kevin Turner
  7. Chris Muntz
  8. Rachel Kilcher
  9. Justin Doll
  10. James Eastop
  11. Peter Bolton
  12. Fiona Ward
  13. JB

Stormlands – Division 4

  1. Matt Baker
  2. Tiffany Bell
  3. Chris Boudreaux
  4. John Bucket
  5. David Earl
  6. Vern Fenton
  7. Floyd Frye
  8. Cody Leroux
  9. Terry Mitchell
  10. Damaris Perez
  11. Fernando Sanchez
  12. Bryan Schwebke
  13. Jay Vandaveer

The Vale – Division 5

  1. Jake Balzer
  2. Loren Barnes
  3. Dylan Blank
  4. Keith Bonneau
  5. Alexander Massey
  6. J. Louis Moss
  7. Samantha Papa
  8. Tony Piccolo
  9. Lisa Staton
  10. Martina Sterbling
  11. Lynn Tamulis
  12. Nathan Tamulis
  13. Stephanie Tice

Westerlands – Division 6

  1. Lori Brouse
  2. Zac Gunn
  3. Pete Hammond
  4. Mike Hilger
  5. Tory Hunter
  6. Thomas Jackson
  7. Drew Kenny
  8. Andrew Neill
  9. Edward Schonfeldt
  10. Adam Talbot
  11. Mamdoh Tawili
  12. Marcus Thompson
  13. Sara Vero

To view your picks (or anyone else’s) simply click on the name in question and their picks will pop up.

When a character bites the big one, their portrait will go from normal to having a red overlay signifying their demise.

You’ll notice, when you get to the site you’ll see attention was paid to the GoT theme. If you don’t see you’re name right away know that you all received a GoT-inspired title and to the right of it is your real name. Everything is purely for fun, if you hate your title it can’t be changed. Just drop us a line with a new idea (the purest in me prays you stick to the region/theme/division you’re located in) and I’ll replace you’re current one.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you out there, and happy hunting.

Jon v. Wight