GoT Season 7 Dead Pool Rules

So here we are already putting in work for season 7. We’re getting at it early this year so we can ensure the picks submitted this year are purely speculative and rooted firmly in the show’s existing storyline. Realistically the sun will burn out before GRRM finishes the book series, but we’re looking to beat out any production spoilers from the show.

This year was our first time through and we’ve got high hopes for season 7. We’re expecting to more than double last year’s participation and in lieu of that we’re making some adjustments. First and foremost Dean, Jessica and I are relocating to a side bracket for hosts/contributors. Depending on listener turnout – about 40+ have already voiced interest – we’ll be randomizing you and dividing you into smaller pools.

The Rules:
1. The season 7 dead pool is being capped at 60 listener participants based on projected interest and resources/time we’re can allocate to it.

2. If you voiced interest in participating via social media your spot will be held through July 15th. This provides a week for you to send us with your selections. After that your spot will no longer held.

3. We will keep a wait list for participants in excess of 60, and will attempt to place you if/when spots becomes available.

4. Please send your picks to You may also post them to the Facebook page, but its less of a sure thing that we’ll get them. We’ll provide daily confirmation of picks received.

5. No submissions will be accepted after July 31st, 2016.

6. Listeners will be randomized and divided into pools of 20-30 participants. Each individual pool will have its own rankings. We’ll work to produce a global ranking system, but that is TBD and not guaranteed. Note: if there is someone you’d like to go head-to-head with (ex: sibling rivalry ::cough cough Damaris and Maria::) let us know and we’ll work to accommodate.

In the event we’re left with 30 or fewer listener participants there will only be a single listener pool.

7. All picks will be viewable online. The domain is currently TBD, but will be added as soon as it becomes available. The domain will be updated within 48 hours of the episode air date, although this is dependent on my schedule. If there is a delay a post will be made on our Facebook page:

8. Participant ranking is in accordance with who scores the most correct picks the fastest – first to 6. This is determined by the episode in which a character dies as well as the order in which they die in said episode. Tiebreakers are as follows:

  1. Episode # death.
  2. Order of demise within a given episode.

9. Past participants were adorned with GoT inspired titles (ex: Lady Jessica (Vezina), Lover of Hounds). These are meant to be in good fun and totally light-hearted. Feel free to submit one with your picks if you are new this year, or were unhappy with your previous title. If you don’t provide one we’ll see if we can think something up, or if you’re returning we’ll default to your previous one.
Pick Criteria:
Each listener participant will submit 6 picks. Each pick must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be alive at the time the credits rolled on season 6 episode 10 (Bran’s visions don’t count).
  2. They must be named individuals.
  3. They do not have to be humans.
  4. Confirmation of death is required. We must see them die or have the death corroborated in some capacity (i.e. Cersei says to Gregor “Man, they had to peel Unella’s remains off that slab after you did your thing with her.”). Ambiguous fates yield no points.

Acceptable Pick Samples: Bronn, Lord Wyman Manderly, Nymeria Sand, Ghost, The Night King, Viserion.

Unacceptable Pick Samples: House Lannister, one of the dragons, a white walker, Northern Soldier.
Prize support is currently TBD.

This season our winners will each receive a glorious LSG mug adorned with phrases (both humorous and horrifying) uttered by our dear hosts. Our first place finisher also scored a 100% off coupon for a Solo Bounty.
The Golden Rule:
Remember, this is purely for fun. Be sure to chime in and talk a little smack on our social media pages or during our live Mixlr broadcasts.

If you think we made an error or have any other concerns feel free to drop us a line. We’re not experts, we’re just a bunch of geeks who like trying to have some fun. 🙂