Army of Darkness (1992)

Episode Rundown
00:44 – The Ballad of Brian Campbell.
03:26 – Matthew has got some history with Raimi’s movies.
05:31 – Does the slap-stick comedy work?
08:02 – A Meta Bruce Campbell in King Arthur’s Court.
10:29 – Dean had no frame of reference when he saw this in the theater.
12:45 – Love for the lever-action rifle.
15:21 – Matthew explains how Evil Dead and Evil Dead II are different.
21:56 – Bruce Campbell Love.
25:50 – The Necronomicon.
27:04 – Ash respects and acknowledges nothing about his predicament.
33:20 – Arrogance (the funny kind) wins the day.
36:21 – “It’s all your fault.”
45:16 – Poll Results: Raimi vs. Romero
48:45 – Dean still loves Matthew, despite us “moving past” Heavy Metal.
49:30 – Lots of Romero and Raimi talk.
56:29 – Dean picks Raimi’s trilogy over Romero’s because of Bruce Campbell’s Ash.
57:23 – Matthew ain’t havin’ it with The Boondock Saints.
1:00:15 – Set your expectations for talking skeletons.
1:02:06 – Bad allies, bad wigs, and medieval barbers.
1:04:52 – It isn’t Peter Jackson, but we get a decent final battle.
1:12:00 – Matthew talks about the original ending.

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