AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Episode Rundown
01:12 – “Uggos” are back.
04:54 – So that’s what the meant by “blooded”!
05:58 – Matthew’s reason for picking AVP.
07:13 – There are no likable characters in this flick.
08:51 – The Predator hunting code.
11:06 – The Alien/Predator timeline.
13:04 – Did Paul W.S. Anderson make a better mythology than Ridley Scott?
17:28 – Nobody cares if the Joker’s mom beat him up when he was a kid.
18:43 – The mission briefing is ludicrous.
24:00 – You may survive the cold on this island.
25:59 – Laser beam hole vs. creepy abandoned whaling village
28:27 – Cool twists on the familiar.
31:38 – Predators are just dishonorable and degenerate gamblers.
40:19 – Poll Results: Alien vs. Predator
44:55 – Arnold Schwarzenegger has options.
46:22 – The fight choreography is … SLOW.
52:46 – The Godzilla problem.
57:04 – 5000 Years a Slave: An AVP Origin Story
1:01:26 – The alien life cycle.
1:06:54 – The Predator who is “in session”.
1:10:45 – Showdown with the persecuted and oppressed Queen.
1:14:12 – The Predator finds peace.
1:15:38 – An unsafe and inappropriate gift.
1:17:42 – Cabs won’t pick you up until you put the musket away.

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