Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

Episode Rundown
01:22 – Matthew takes the stand to answer for his crime.
03:01 – Jazz trumpet improvisation.
06:02 – Talking about Elvis Part 1.
08:00 – Chuck D.
11:42 – What Dean expected, and what he got DID not match.
18:27 – Talking about Elvis Part 2.
24:48 – Dean’s first watch of Bubba Ho-Tep was brutal.
33:27 – Some other actors that have played Elvis.
34:54 – Brian Tyler and the music of Bubba Ho-Tep.
45:42 – Poll results: Bubba Ho-Tep vs. What We Do In The Shadows vs. Zombieland vs. Cabin in the Woods vs. Tucker & Dale vs. Teeth.
49:00 – “A soulful and nuanced take on Elvis.” – Matthew Anderson
52:11 – Reaching for the Fruit Punch and getting the Sprite.
58:32 – Matthew summarizes the plot.
1:02:00 – Is this a commentary on the treatment on seniors?
1:06:10 – Meta-Elvis reconciles with what matters.

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