Critters (1986)

Episode Rundown
03:19 – Chest to chest with dad at 40 years old.
06:42 – This is a household of men laying on chests together.
15:51 – Saving Private Ryan , Irish Catholics, and dead sons.
19:19 – Dad’s threats, a classy drunk, and a Cholo walk into a bar.
34:39 – Scared Straight and the Sherlock Holmes of school skipping.
39:42 – Sexually assaulting a young Billy Zane, and a much different membership pitch.
47:59 – A horny daughter, Darnell the milkman, and some more chest to chest.
1:08:02 – Matthew makes a case for the patriarchy.
1:09:33 – Direct access to TNT in the 80s.
1:17:46 – The lovable drunk secretly lusts after the daughter.
1:19:46 – A terrible alternate ending and developmentally disabled children being yelled at.

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