Day of the Dead (1985)

Episode Rundown
01:26 – Is The Hobbit a Thanksgiving movie?
03:22 – Matthew blows his “love” very early!
06:25 – You can’t argue with the excellent make-up and practical effects.
08:59 – The Romero Trilogy.
11:02 – Zombies vs. vampires vs. werewolves
18:14 – This movie was ripped off by The Walking Dead.
20:58 – Immediate tension between characters.
22:52 – Dean isn’t convinced that Rhodes is all bad.
24:26 – Budget cuts = Effective ‘in media res’.
28:50 – Dean slanders the troops.
36:04 – Rickles wants Steel’s steel.
38:40 – Matthew tries to explain Sarah’s mission to Dean.
39:37 – More (misplaced?) love for Rhodes.
51:09 – Poll Results: Fast zombies vs. slow zombies.
54:43 – Breaking down the Logan character.
1:01:06 – Dean still isn’t sure about Sarah’s mission.
1:07:26 – Romero knew to make a zombie movie about the people.
1:08:30 – Sarah’s useless and annoying boyfriend.
1:11:29 – Bud!
1:13:38 – No AK-47’s for the apes!
1:19:22 – The Herbert West and Logan connection.
1:21:23 – It gets bloody and hectic!
1:26:49 – Not discussion the transmission of infection was a great choice.
1:29:15 – Dean applauds the casual murder of a scientist he didn’t like.
1:32:56 – The brutal death scenes.

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