#315: The Day of the Jackal

Episode Rundown
01:58 – Matt has some issues with the deliberate pacing
03:33 – You DO NOT want a scene-by-scene of this flick
05:24 – Neil deGrasse Tyson says there are billions of people in this movie
06:25 – Matthew’s Charles de Gaulle blind spot
10:43 – Horrible English accents – WOW
13:08 – The Dean and Matthew Two-Step
14:13 – Matthew discusses the film’s realism and documentary feel
18:13 – Dean’s podcasting revelation
21:55 – The film’s great editing makes the story easy to follow
34:11 – The Jackal is now… French?
49:59 – Old (and very odd) British man insists it is time for sex
53:58 – The movie gets a lot right except for the killing
59:28 – Michael Lonsdale has gravitas in all his roles
1:01:02 – The Ballad of Claude and Pierre
1:09:22 – The Jackal sights in his rifle
1:15:49 – Matthew FINALLY sees the light!
1:23:55 – Is the Jackal a sleep creeper?
1:43:42 – Liberation (Bastille) Day Parade talk
1:50:00 – Claude gets his man
1:51:26 – Movies used to end when the movie was over
1:54:25 – Matthew drops the listener comment ball with his buttery hands

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