Dead and Buried (1981)

Episode Rundown
00:47 – Why did Matthew pick Dead and Buried and what’s his obsession with animated flesh?
04:42 – Matthew describes why these zombies are unique.
08:05 – Dean thought Matthew had him watching a cancer movie based on the opening music.
11:01 – Pretending to be alive and the motivation to do so.
14:06 – How is this movie different than a typical zombie movie?
17:36 – Dan O’Bannon’s writing credit and the controversy around it.
21:19 – Photographers hoping to get laid.
24:10 – Matthew sucks off a YouTube guy and Dean gets [fake] possessive.
26:08 – A legendary longshoreman beat down.
29:30 – Understanding the Borg-like motivation of Dobbs.
32:15 – Dean tries to understand why Dobbs would sloppily bring law enforcement into his dark doings.
35:24 – Matthew likens the plot holes to the dream-like (or nightmare) quality of the movie.
39:30 – The small-town setting and the lone sheriff mission.
48:24 – Poll Results: Stan Winston Makeup (T2 vs. Interview with a Vampire vs. AI vs. The Island of Dr. Moreau vs. Batman Returns)
54:14 – Talking Sheriff Dan Gillis.
59:08 – Succumbing to the grips of madness.
1:01:24 – Janet Gillis embodies uncertainty with perfection.
1:06:11 – Finding your wife’s witch book is like when your religious aunt finds your D&D book.
1:09:26 – The movie could be improved by cutting the family being attacked scene.
1:12:51 – A man beset against the unknown and Cthulhu-like forces.
1:16:23 – How much free will do the dead have in this movie?
1:20:59 – The doctor’s death is the worst effects in the movie and it wasn’t Stan Winston.
1:22:43 – A black and white 60mm film gives us our 8mm Nicholas Cage moment.
1:26:53 – Analyzing Jack Albertson’s performance as Dobbs.

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