Deliverance (1972)

Episode Rundown
00:32 – Dean is NOT saying that rape is funny.
04:12 – It’s the worse possible version of Adult Stand By Me.
07:52 – A realistic and unpredictable story.
14:12 – Are the hillbillies evil manifestations of nature?
16:09 – Revering nature while fearing nature.
19:48 – Scary hillbillies, inbreeding, and the foreshadowing of the dueling banjos.
25:05 – The city folk (main characters) seen as outsiders and invaders by the country folk.
29:44 – Ed as the most sympathetic (and main) character.
41:10 – Poll results: How would you recast this film?
48:56 – A deep-dive into one of the most infamous scenes in cinema.
54:29 – David “Buoy Knife” Bowie is born.
1:00:19 – The Deliverance war movie connection.
1:09:53 – Drew’s fate and other ambiguities.
1:22:30 – Ed’s big confrontational moment.

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