Excalibur (1981)

Episode Rundown
05:32 – Edward I and his love of Arthurian legend.
09:29 – Fictional and mythical characters as role models.
11:17 – Establishing the Medieval/Dark Ages setting.
16:47 – A naked woman is directed by her director father.
19:44 – Murdering men and children for the noble sniz.
30:56 – The unceremonious drawing of Excalibur from the stone.
42:44 – 80s fantasy movie poll results.
47:40 – The use of the color green in this movie.
52:00 – Lancelot and Arthur’s memorable first meeting and Star Wars.
59:50 – Some of the contemporary criticisms of the film’s structure.
1:03:02 – Lancelot, Gwynevere, chivalry, and knighthood.
1:10:33 – Morgana, Merlin, choice and consequence.
1:20:57 – Sir Percival’s grit and determination.
1:30:25 – Things are meaningful in this narrative because of characters, values, and principles.

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