#314: Extreme Prejudice

Episode Rundown
01:20 – Cheers to Dean’s honorary hood pass compliments of Bill Alvarez
02:48 – Break out the Hitachi for this sweaty and manly cast
06:52 – Did Extreme Prejudice genre-bend itself into obscurity?
09:52 – Matthew breaks down what the Western genre means to him
13:32 – Contrasting the morality of Jack Benteen and Major Hackett
18:21 – Why isn’t Nick Nolte in the conversation with the elites?
31:42 – Maria Conchita Alonso and Dean’s (gringo) dream of being yelled at
36:27 – Jesse Ventura doesn’t express feelings, because he was a Navy SEAL
38:37 – Matthew rants about Hell Lobsters (scorpion)
40:26 – The inability to understand metaphor and symbolism
43:22 – Clancy Brown’s revenge fake-out and iPhone incompetence
48:00 – Dean knows a boxer – look out everyone
55:07 – The lads write the Gringo/Mexican love story ‘Knives of Passion’
58:50 – The original Black nerd – Larry B. Scott
1:05:29 – Sarita the therapist
1:21:51 – Matthew ‘the Fu*k Champ’ is back!
1:31:12 – Cash Bailey REALLY needs a lesson in flattery
1:36:35 – Jack Benteen is kinda’ dumb
1:39:22 – William Forsythe’s varying roles
1:57:12 – Powers Boothe purs like a tiger in a suit
2:00:06 – The Cash Bailey Not So Bohemian Rhapsody
2:10:05 – Reconciling our “Hate, Don’t Like, Like, and Love” picks

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