Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Episode Rundown
08:09 – This is not a sexual thriller.
09:23 – Sex, desire, and deception (ourselves and each other).
13:12 – Their relationship isn’t presented as that bad.
15:41 – Admitting that people other than your spouse are attractive.
19:51 – Bill’s inability to be honest with himself about his primal nature.
22:38 – We are just sophisticated and horny apes full of self-deception and shame.
33:43 – Everyone’s desire for Bill – Part 1.
35:20 – Kubrick’s sense of humor.
45:06 – Everyone’s desire for Bill – Part 2.
47:35 – Eww, we hate guys we LOVE women.
51:17 – The costume shop’s visceral and metaphorical take on the entire film.
53:25 – Don’t get caught!
54:52 – A deep dive into the Masked Ball.
1:01:11 – There are some weird parties going on at Wayne Manor.
1:06:34 – There ain’t a black guy in the room.
1:07:40 – Matt breaks down Alice’s dream.
1:14:04 – How grand is this sex cult conspiracy?
1:24:40 – Sometimes you just gotta’ bang it out.

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