5-9: Game of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons”

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This is a commentary and criticism show that will routinely slander, suggest, and make wild claims – it should be considered comedy entertainment only, and not to be taken seriously. Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions.

6 thoughts on “5-9: Game of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons”

  1. Michael Leverett says:

    Great Podcast! I think that Stannis is driven by the red witch and the lord of light. She has influenced him in ways that blur what his normal judgement would be. I think people looking in at him—even his troops–would think he’s crazy. You can’t convince religious finatics between right and wrong. Plus I’m sure once Stannis is king he can try for another heir and continue his line.

  2. georgert says:

    In general I really like your GoT podcasts, but you both sounded especially whiney this week. I get that it’s all about personal opinions, but when you approach two hours with so much bitching it gets tedious. Try smoking some weed before watching the season finale. Maybe you’ll lighten up.

    • Dean says:

      Tedious… damn that’s a bummer. Check out Bald Move, or the Grantland GoT shows. God knows you got come choices. Don’t torture yourself with two hours of our bitching. Unless you’re a masochist or something. But thanks for “generally” enjoying our shows! 🙂

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