Good Will Hunting

Episode Rundown
03:53 – A pretty good movie with GREAT performances.
07:45 – Dean relates to the blue-collared wayward boy.
11:41 – Will’s friends are honest, loyal, and tough.
15:35 – No scarves allowed.
21:25 – Danny Elfman’s music is BAD in this movie.
24:26 – A brawl with the bully.
32:49 – Screenplay excellence.
37:21 – Let’s talk Skylar (Minnie Driver).
39:26 – Ambition is not always good.
44:09 – My math is wicked tough and way better than yours!
46:26 – Keep the scarves away from Robin Williams!
49:18 – A vaguely foreign hypnotist.
56:14 – Will jabs, feints, and probes for weakness in Sean’s personality.
1:04:18 – Sean talks knowledge versus experience.
1:09:38 – Creating trust with the patient.
1:16:04 – Let it go! You aren’t perfect.
1:21:11 – Robin Williams’ brilliance despite a bad Boston accent.
1:27:53 – Matthew and Dean want stuff out of their conversations.
1:31:12 – Dean is not going to schmooze.
1:48:22 – Let him put a pinky in so we can watch Clerks!
1:55:27 – Good dialogue focuses on the subtext.
1:58:41 – Will wields the truth for purpose but not principle.
2:09:37 – Masking fear with false virtue.
2:12:12 – Gerry Lambeau’s arrogance in assuming what’s best.

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