7-1: Game of Thrones “Dragonstone”

Jessica and Dean had plenty to say about the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Jessica and Dean were both fans of the cold open with Walder Frey, but they disagrees on the poop and soup montage. Dean was a fan, and Jessica could do without it – especially on a re-watch. Dean and Jessica both consider how powerful and capable that Arya is, and they doubt there is much that could stop Arya from getting to Cersei, which is why they think something will distract Arya off that course. The Hound continues to be the shining character, and he now carries the slogan, “The Hound Makes Everything Better.” The disagreement between Jon and Sansa provides some thought (and debate) provoking discussion between not just the hosts, but the glorious and intelligent listeners. Dean briefly covers the Greyjoy Rebellion to give context to Euron’s discussion with Cersei. The deadpool came up empty this week, but we expect some carnage in the near future. Overall, a great and necessary table-setter for the 7th season.

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