Heavy Metal (1981)

Episode Rundown
02:11 – Did Matthew just call this movie “boring?”
06:17 – Dean calls the movie, “fun, influential, and awesome.”
13:50 – Breaking down the nostalgia tag.
17:25 – 1970s New York influences the Cyberpunk aesthetic.
18:20 – Is Harry Canyon the only character with a POV?
23:22 – Talking anti-heroes.
27:08 – Den is the ultimate teenage boy fantasy.
29:47 – All elves should behave like Ard.
34:43 – Mace blows to the neck and other animated violence.
35:56 – Discarding the “I must leave now” trope.
44:59 – Matthew checks his watch during the Captain Stern vignette.
48:03 – Poll results: Favorite vignette.
49:35 – B-17, the music, the brutality, and the horror.
51:57 – The use of rotoscoping.
53:17 – Elmer Bernstein the composer.
55:45 – Matthew doesn’t know what to make of “So Beautiful, So Dangerous”.
57:26 – Dean presses Matthew’s opening opinion on the movie.
1:02:25 – The most unique and interesting setting in the movie.
1:03:55 – “Don’t get wimpy and high-minded. Have some fun!”
1:06:21 – Summoning Taarna and wasting the poor lady boy.
1:08:15 – Matthew hates Taarna’s bird companion.
1:15:52 – Boss fight! Taarna vs. Barbarian Leader.
1:16:25 – Regret and crushing guilt from a life of evil.
1:18:23 – The Loc-Nar begs for its life.
1:22:02 – Some Mobius love from Matthew.

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