Idiocracy (2006)

Episode Rundown
06:52 – Mike Judge, unremarkable people, hobbits, and the celebration of the “Everyman”.
18:40 – The considerate, the inconsiderate, and the case for eugenics.
21:15 – Divide and conquer the babies and the baby making machines.
23:13 – Revolution, flippin’ premises, and laughing at the meta.
28:38 – Virtue, intelligent, and wealth.
31:18 – Innovation, convenience, and the king’s bounty of Stop and Shop.
35:04 – You have a supercomputer that can make telephone calls.
38:14 – We shouldn’t know about every baby that falls into a well.
48:35 – Sport’s drinks made with xenomorph blood!
50:32 – Were we worse litter bugs back in the 60s?
1:02:44 – Logic, the government, and the lengths to which media will go for ratings.

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