Member Vote: Kill Bill Vol.1 (2003)

Episode Rundown
03:08 – Kill Will – directed by Matthew Tarantino
06:10 – Dean learns about Tarantino, Kill Bill, and live-action anime.
08:35 – Technical acumen, film violence, and shot choice.
11:41 – How does the action hold up in retrospect to other Tarantino films?
13:25 – Kill Bill may not be a perfect movie but it is very easy to watch.
15:14 – Tarantino takes some chances.
16:00 – Violence is the point: Part 1.
17:07 – “An exercise in fluid fighting style.” – Matthew Anderson.
18:23 – Bruce Lee talk.
20:35 – Tarantino best strength is building tension through dialogue.
22:52 – Violence is the point: Part 2.
24:15 – Tarantino deviates from quick and deadly violence to long and choreographed violence.
26:17 – Key differences between Kill Bill 1 & 2.
31:27 – Brief and effective dialogue between Bill and Elle Driver.
35:17 – Talkin’ Uma Thurman.
42:51 – Dean and Matthew review their snake names!
45:34 – Poll Results: Love it, like it, don’t like, hate it.
47:19 – Kill Bill just kind of slides into your DMs.
48:25 – The Honorable Hattori Hanzo.
53:56 – The Anime sequence.
1:03:16 – Is this Tarantino’s first full-blown action sequence?
1:05:59 – Murdering people through rice paper walls.
1:10:37 – No building tension through dialogue this time around.
1:13:47 – Gogo vs. The Bride.
1:16:39 – Violence is the point: Part 3.
1:19:58 – Analyzing the snowy showdown in the Japanese Garden.
1:26:17 – “Oh wow. I’m super dead.” ( O-Ren Ishii)

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