Mad Max (1979)

Episode Rundown
01:23 – Matthew gets a prequel experience with Mad Max.
05:23 – The wasteland setting.
07:08 – The last tenderness that Max experiences.
08:34 – Goose talk.
10:13 – The devolution of Max into the anti-hero.
11:35 – Would you describe this as a ‘win’ for Max?
13:10 – Dean says we are one resource shortage away from madness.
15:13 – Establishing the characters and setting simultaneously.
17:24 – The Nightrider character’s impact on the film.
18:44 – Stunt driving and practical effects vs. CGI.
20:18 – An existential crisis for Nightrrider.
21:55 – Do gearheads get more enjoyment out of the Mad Max universe?
24:36 – Toecutter and his crew are oddly compelling.
30:37 – The MFP can’t hold Johnny the Boy.
32:42 – Main Force Patrol is a terrible name.
36:49 – The death of Goose and the impact on Max.
39:12 – Toecutter: A Philosophical Presentation of Freedom
42:20 – You must abandon your morality to survive.
47:35 – Fighting for your freedom from the tyrant, Toecutter.
48:50 – A darker and more jaded version of Jessie and Max’s romance.
51:52 – The dangerous mobility of the nomadic gang.
1:02:13 – Max Rockatansky becomes ‘Mad’ Max.
1:07:23 – “Hey ma! It’s all connected!”
1:09:47 – The decision (script) to kill Toecutter before Johnny the Boy
1:11:54 – This isn’t ‘Calm’ Max – this is ‘Mad’ Max!

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