Mandy (2018)

Episode Rundown
01:07 – The most “Cage” movie ever!
02:55 – Leftover salt from the Heavy Metal episode.
04:21 – Live action Metalocalypse.
06:03 – One of the hardest workers in Hollywood.
09:49 – Dating math applied to Cage movies.
12:49 – Is Nicholas Cage a meme to younger people?
16:46 – Still an A-lister though isn’t he?
17:57 – D&D (Irons) vs. Mandy (Cage)
21:27 – Simple, visual, and beautiful.
25:58 – One must experience Mandy to really get Mandy.
28:06 – Color as dialogue.
29:36 – It’s a story that feels plucked from memory.
31:39 – Mandy’s time seems fleeting, and Red knows this as true.
44:05 – Poll Results: Nicolas Cage, “yay” or “nay”?
47:09 – Jeremiah Sand
50:11 – Motorcycle demons and pale vampire titties.
54:15 – The Horn of Abraxes.
1:00:24 – A defiant and fatal laugh.
1:01:58 – Indoctrination with LSD.
1:06:46 – A patented “Cage” moment.
1:08:23 – Caruthers and the Red Miller mystery.
1:11:20 – Red takes some LSD.
1:14:17 – Killing ‘ole Knife Dick and his friends.

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