Midsommar (2019)

Episode Rundown
01:31 – Never be the only black man sleeping in a room full of white folk.
02:39 – Why did Dean pick this insane movie?
05:32 – Comparing Midsommar to The Wicker Man (1973).
07:15 – Dean’s fascination with stories about cults.
09:54 – Matthew’s love of horror movies.
12:39 – How does Midsommar balance two conflicting world views?
16:38 – “Hurry up and bust will ‘ya, I got Wheel of Fortune DVR’d.”
20:20 – Ari Aster’s heavy openings (Hereditary/Midsommar) and ability to linger on a moment.
24:41 – Taking a close look at Dani’s name.
25:35 – Relating to Dani and Christian’s relationship
27:54 – “Nah dude. I don’t got no feelings. I’m always in control.”
29:09 – Co-dependence and speculating on Christian’s (undefined) POV.
35:16 – Making excuses for your partner or making excuses for yourself?
37:20 – The reality of brutal honesty. The Rogan/Schaub example.
53:53 – What’s up with Pelle? (Spoiler: he wants to hump Dani)
57:10 – We don’t really care if Dani’s friends die, but the Harga are murderers.
1:00:17 – Dani’s genuine interest and respect of the Harga culture (unlike her friends).
1:05:49 – No witnesses: the realization that nobody is getting out of this alive.
1:09:18 – Breaking down Dani’s reaction to the Ättestupa ritual.
1:14:38 – Understanding how a cult could appeal to someone.
1:19:25 – The metaphorical use of sunlight as the truth.
1:24:15 – The groups utter lack of diversity and its assault on individuality.
1:27:26 – Matthew’s Blood Eagle revelation.
1:38:08 – Dumb hippy pain killers can’t save you from the brutality of fire.
1:40:16 – A cathartic and operatic ending.

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