Misery (1990)

Episode Rundown
01:08 – Dreams of being a snowed-in author.
03:21 – “I should be enough for you, Matthew.”
06:11 – Misery checks all of the “good movie” boxes.
07:35 – Kathy Bates and Matthew get obsessed.
12:19 – Does James Caan pull off the bed-ridden author?
13:21 – From sweet to savage and the unknown (shockingly normal) house.
17:45 – The physicality of Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes.
20:08 – Driving in the snow.
22:06 – Wilfred Brimley feet leads to a gruesome death in the wild.
25:00 – Is Annie more obsessed with Misery or Paul Sheldon? Part 1.
27:45 – Annie’s rigidity and moral crisis.
30:42 – Is Annie more obsessed with Misery or Paul Sheldon? Part 2.
35:49 – Annie’s self-delusion, obsession, and inability to read subtext.
39:03 – The heart of internet bitching and our (LSG’s) blatant hypocrisy.
48:57 – Poll Question Discussion: Movies with obsessive psychopaths.
54:07 – Richard Farnsworth and his role as Sheriff Buster.
57:43 – A police press conference gone very bad.
1:00:23 – Is Annie Wilkes an educated woman?
1:03:47 – Paul Sheldon’s arrogance and the goofy bells.
1:08:00 – Paul Sheldon’s “we are not going to do bounties” LSG moment.
1:10:16 – The mental battleground made cinematic.
1:12:21 – Hard Chargin’ Jimmy Caan.
1:16:01 – “So Kathy Bates, would you or wouldn’t you?”

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