Only God Forgives (2013)

Episode Rundown
00:32 – Mommies, daddies, and sexual proclivity.
06:42 – Chang as God.
15:04 – Refn goes out of its way to tell the story visually.
18:29 – Chang’s Stannis Baratheon-like sense of justice.
24:31 – The focus on hands.
33:32 – The binding of Julian’s hands has a literal and a figurative meaning.
37:01 – Stoicism or lackluster performances?
40:17 – Julian and his mother. Chang and his daughter.
51:43 – Poll Results: What’s your favorite Refn film?
56:04 – The fight scene between Chang and Julian.
1:09:31 – Man’s powerlessness in the presence of God.
1:11:39 – Julian’s vulnerability in the presence of his mother.
1:16:04 – Julian’s morality and willingness to protect innocence.
1:19:16 – Let’s cut mom open and see what’s inside!
1:25:08 – White hands. Black market.

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