Re-Animator (1985)

Episode Rundown
00:31 – The scariest white guy on the planet.
03:21 – It’s more ‘slap-stick, gore sprayfest’ than scary.
05:22 – A better script than you think.
08:17 – When did you first see Re-Animator?
12:03 – Dan Cain is garbage!
14:51 – A unique set-up will subvert expectations.
18:08 – Herbert West’s odd introduction.
19:51 – The only ‘good’ character in the entire movie.
23:45 – Dr. Hill’s odd and very creepy toast to Megan
25:24 – Herbert West’s indigence at killing your beloved pet.
28:38 – Bill Belichick could play Herbert West.
41:44 – Dan is full of bad decisions.
43:53 – The mad scientist is blinded by arrogance.
49:24 – The emergence of the film’s true villain becomes apparent.
53:33 – Herbert West: Junkie Re-Animator
57:46 – Dr. Hill hides under West’s odd behavior.
1:01:16 – Imagine waking up on an autopsy table next to a severed head?
1:04:04 – It takes commitment to naked wrestle.
1:08:09 – Dan (the hero?) fails to save another patient.

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