#316: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Episode Rundown
00:48 – Sir Kevin Michael Costner doesn’t care about your accent
09:49 – Rickman and Wincott
12:45 – Costner’s charisma (or lack of) and the Robin Hood morality
15:40 – Michael Kamen’s Robin Hood score
16:48 – Rickman’s performance and the tonal oddities of the film
19:07 – Dean shows Costner some love
20:55 – Does ‘Satanic Panic’ work in in Robin Hood?
22:39 – Costner has the most authentic English accent in the movie (for real)
23:40 – Poll: Who is the best Robin Hood? (answer revealed)
32:21 – Morgan Freeman’s serious portrayal of Azeem
41:11 – Matthew drops some hot (wiki) Robin Hood knowledge
48:39 – Dean’s cocktail party knowledge (Dean’s FIRST trivia blunder)
51:27 – Trying to understand Mortianna’s place in this movie
56:36 – Dean and Matt would say anything to keep their eyes
1:09:37 – Dean’s SECOND major trivia blunder on the episode.
1:22:59 – Reconciling Rickman’s performance with the tonal shifts
1:28:54 – The villager’s son is not quite as hurt as he thought
1:32:26 – We never fear that Robin Hood will fail.
1:33:42 – A revelation is had (finally) on the tone of the movie
1:37:26 – Rape Jiu-Jitsu is just a fun old time
1:40:09 – Matthew hates Friar Tuck
1:42:33 – The death of Guy of Gisbourne
1:47:01 – Teen Robin Hood’s cool tree fort
1:48:31 – Matthew REALLY hates Friar Tuck and Dean thinks it is hilarious
1:52:43 – Matthew teaches Dean how to do an authentic Friar Tuck voice
1:57:41 – Do not do c-sections in Sherwood Forest
2:13:12 – The Robin Hood/Will Scarlet conflict does not work
2:16:14 – Dean clears up the Extended Cut versus the Theatrical Cut
2:26:58 – Azeem’s big speech and his admirable principles
2:30:59 – Robin Hood swash-buckles these bad guys right down to the floor
2:32:48 – A well choreographed final showdown
2:40:50 – Brian Adams mania in the 90s

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