Robocop 2 (1990)

Episode Rundown
02:16 – The mayor is terrible. Kind of deserves it.
05:00 – The drug-addled cyberpunk setting.
10:10 – MagnaVolt and our obsession with electrocution in the 80s.
11:52 – The “always a bigger fish” crime montage.
15:25 – Trying to understand OCP’s asinine plot to bankrupt Detroit for profit…?
24:10 – Back to the relationship between the police, Murphy, and OCP.
31:17 – How REAL cities go bankrupt.
34:23 – Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Programming Update!
39:25 – Poll Results: Evil kids and the Hob character.
54:42 – Dr. Faxx’s insane plan.
58:07 – Useless scenes.
1:03:44 – Despite it all, Robocop 2 is still very watchable.
1:06:19 – The missed opportunity to deepen the human connection.
1:09:40 – The special effects, Peter Weller’s physical acting, and the action is excellent.

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