Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Episode Rundown
00:28 – “I totally had sex with the Devil last night.”
02:23 – Shaming Devil’s Advocate voters.
03:36 – Al Pacino tells you how it is going down.
05:56 – A blueprint for modern horror.
07:23 – Roman Polanski the rapist.
08:44 – Disarmed by an innocuous opening.
12:01 – Brilliant restraint.
13:30 – Rosemary is sympathetic and likable.
18:10 – Dismissing small oddities in the name of being polite.
22:37 – What did the Castevets have in mind for Terry?
25:55 – Establishing the Castevets with perfect subtlety.
29:45 – The Minnie/Roland dynamic.
32:18 – The utter domination of Rosemary by everyone around her.
36:42 – Things aren’t what they seem, but they aren’t out of place either.
47:21 – Poll Results: The Exorcist/The Omen/Devil’s Advocate/Prince of Darkness/Rosemary’s Baby/Angel Heart.
50:08 – Minnie and her annoying friend, Laura-Louise.
53:34 – The crushing inevitability of Rosemary’s fate.
56:19 – Rosemary losing her identity.
58:19 – The friends-only part is the first crack in the Coven’s hold over Rosemary.
1:04:24 – Rosemary’s instincts finally override her politeness.
1:06:10 – The Coven takes overt action against Hutch.
1:09:08 – Dean’s obsession with enemies hiding within plain sight.
1:11:17 – Breaking down Dr. Hill’s betrayal of Rosemary.
1:18:16 – When instinct and patience reach the perfect equilibrium.
1:23:45 – The complete discipline of the Coven to stay committed to being undercover until the bitter end.
1:25:47 – Sometimes people’s social confines are never overcome.

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