Star Trek (2009)

Episode Rundown
06:38 – It shares the name but is it Star Trek?
09:00 – Star Trek (for the most part) is more at home on the small screen.
11:50 – Dean recalls and old battle he had with Nathan on a forum.
13:07 – Star Trek plots.
15:31 – Action does not supplant story telling.
16:42 – The plot, the meta-plot, and time travel.
26:34 – A solid premise to start.
28:53 – Establishing an alternate (but familiar) Kirk.
32:34 – Spock and the slimy the Vulcans.
39:39 – Nate can’t handle the construction of the Enterprise on the ground.
42:48 – The After Show (bonus) announcement.
46:06 – Poll results and some listener comments.
52:34 – Dean was traumatized by Kirk’s male gaze.
54:49 – The action becomes the plot and meaningful dialogue vanishes.
1:02:50 – The Vulcans are dispersed.
1:03:44 – It’s unanimous – Bones is the best.
1:05:08 – Khan’s Kobiyashi vs. Trek ’09’s Kobiyashi
1:09:22 – The dialogue is plot revelation at best.
1:13:31 – Zachary Quinto’s solid performance.
1:15:36 – Sexy physics talk.
1:16:41 – The 7/11 of directors.
1:19:55 – Shopping at the convenience store of script writing.

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