1-6: Stranger Things “Chapter Six: The Monster”

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This is a commentary and criticism show that will routinely slander, suggest, and make wild claims – it should be considered comedy entertainment only, and not to be taken seriously. Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions.

3 thoughts on “1-6: Stranger Things “Chapter Six: The Monster”

  1. markefrank says:

    Guys, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your take on Episode 6. I love that you guys spend the time to highlight the truly special moments in this show, because I think there are many. It is nice to hear people taking the time to point them out. i especially liked how you highlighted how key moments for Dustin, Jonathan, Lucas, Mike and Eleven really showed us who they are. Such great moments. I also agree that the 3 couples in the story are all very compelling, and feel very real. Even between Hop and Joyce, which is somehow quieter, or subtler, but still profound. I also want to throw out there for consideration that Eleven, as a hero, or heroine, is immediately iconic and has a place alongside all the great heroes of the past. The mix of her vulnerability, her powers, her backstory, her likability, her yearning for friendship, and the acting, all sets up this character to be so incredibly compelling. I won’t spoil anything that comes in Ep.7 and 8, but just to say that I think she can stand beside Skywalker, Yoda, Frodo, Gandalf and others, as a badass hero to be reckoned with. Lots of media shorthands this phenomenon of Stranger Things as basically homage, or nostalgia, but we shouldn’t overlook that the Duffers, and the cast, have created some new characters here that fucking shine!! They are too good to abandon, especially Eleven. Eleven on her own deserves more writing, and more stories to grow in. But so do all the other fully formed characters in this amazing show. The combination of great characters, great acting, and very smart subtle craft by the Duffers, makes this one of my favorite shows of all time. Thanks for your work! Love it! 🙂

    • D. Louis Martin says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and to go to the website to comment on our episode. I can not WAIT for the next two episodes, especially after hearing your take on where you’d rank her in terms of all those genre badasses. Like you, I think it is too easy for a critic to just chalk it up to nostalgia. There is SO much more going on here. If nostalgia always worked so many movies that are re-makes would be better, but they just aren’t. It takes more than nostalgia to make something good.

    • markefrank says:

      One other thing: I love the scenes in her head, or in the black place, with water at her feet. That world between worlds. The visuals are so striking, and shot perfectly. Are you guys active on social media? I don’t really get the set up you guys use here at LSG. I guess I need to get active in the Mixlr?

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