The Happening (2008)

Episode Rundown
02:19 – Bad dialogue – Part 1
06:21 – M. Night Shyamalan shoulders the blame for this one.
12:26 – This movie is the plot of a 13 year-old metal fan.
14:17 – Poll: Best (most hilarious) deaths discussed.
20:38 – Sometimes it’s best when writers stay in their lanes.
24:32 – The absurdity of leaving your child behind.
27:40 – The overly complicated ways in which people kill themselves.
30:51 – Bad dialogue – Part 2
43:52 – “Will you guys stop killin’ each other it’s really rude, okay!”
45:23 – Mark Wahlberg goes off script.
47:29 – Poll results: Worst part of the movie.
48:16 – The most noble profession and Elliot Moore’s leadership
49:21 – What if ‘The Happening’ robbed Mark Wahlberg of object permanence?
57:19 – The writing process: discovery and plotting. Misery vs. The Happening.
1:05:21 – The third act enigma.
1:09:11 – A hollow metaphor.

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