The Revenant (2015)

Episode Rundown
02:03 – Our internal strife with the Oscars.
04:59 – What makes this movie such a bummer?
10:44 – Does Tom Hardy’s Fitzgerald supply the perfect line to describe the movie?
12:37 – Matthew waxes poetic about good acting.
16:26 – Is Fitzgerald a more interesting character than Glass?
18:49 – The bear attack.
23:21 – The opening attack by the Ree.
26:03 – This movie requires endurance to watch.
28:56 – The real Hugh Glass and the missing maggots.
31:36 – How much do we care about the revenge protion of this movie?
39:56 – Dean and Matthew let you peek behind the production curtain.
43:07 – Listener comments.
44:25 – Let’s talk Leo.
45:57 – Sympathizing with Fitzgerald’s plight.
51:36 – Dean has very little sympathy for Squakin’ Hawk.
56:43 – Fitzgerald isn’t the only one who abandoned Glass.
1:01:06 – The Hugh Glass terrible things list.
1:04:55 – “I’ve got dirt in my bear claw wounds”
1:12:34 – Without Fitzgerald the movie suffers.
1:13:58 – Do Glass’s visions do anything for the movie?
1:19:34 – Mr. Glass’s exhausting resume.
1:25:34 – Texas and the Texas Rangers.
1:28:19 – Glass doesn’t kill Fitzgerald, but he basically does.

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