The Wicker Man (1973)

Episode Rundown
00:28 – Put yourself in the inspector’s shoes.
02:38 – Bang the landlord’s daughter, and burn all the tattle-tails.
09:33 – Was Matthew too spoiled to really enjoy this movie?
12:28 – The mystery style set-up facilitates the true horror of the film.
18:16 – Bawdy pub sing-a-longs and the attempted corruption of Howie.
19:26 – Most horror films of the time were centered on obvious monsters.
20:50 – Howie vs Summeraisle.
23:19 – The sexual temptation of Sergeant Howie.
29:05 – A clash of religions.
33:59 – Howie is utterly confounded by Summeraisle and his people.
37:19 – What the hell does the rabbit/hare in the coffin represent?
45:56 – The oddest May Pole dance and celebration of all time.
47:36 – Poll results and some listener comments.
53:24 – Matt’s chewed on some candy and yanked some of his fillings out.
54:50 – Christopher Lee’s performance and physical presence.
58:35 – Your beliefs do not supersede the law.
1:02:08 – Howie as Punch the Fool.
1:05:46 – A moment of triumph becomes an ultimate defeat.
1:15:14 – If Dean gets captured he immediately converts and plays the long con.

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