Thief (1981)

Episode Rundown
00:34 – Did Dean just say that this is a better movie than Heat?
05:33 – Michael Mann’s visual eye for film.
08:55 – Follow the process and put the pieces together yourself.
12:04 – The perfect amount of confusion rewards the astute viewer.
13:46 – Michael Mann’s commitment to the process of ensuring the actors come across as professional and real characters.
16:15 – Modern heist movies versus older heist movies.
17:30 – Frank, despite being a criminal, is easy to cheer for.
22:49 – Cops and crooks and the movie machine.
26:21 – LSG Media apologizes to OG, James Belushi.
32:46 – Movie consent, YouTube how-to’s, and our attraction to greatness.
47:34 – Poll Results: Heist Movies.
51:28 – Grubby little hungry piggies.
52:20 – LA shootout vibes.
53:44 – Tuesday Weld and other last names.
55:55 – Jimmy Caan’s monologue in the diner.
1:01:57 – Frank is a professional thief, but an amateur human being.
1:06:36 – Admiring Frank’s ability to blatantly call BS.
1:10:45 – Leo’s demeanor when dealing with an angry Frank.
1:17:10 – Revisiting Neil’s (from Heat) decision to go after Waingro.
1:18:57 – The burn job sequence.
1:27:19 – The incredible final 15 minutes of this movie.

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