Trading Places (1983)

Episode Rundown
01:12 – Did Dean just say he “owned” Eddie Murphy?
02:56 – This movie is what Twitter thinks old white people are.
05:34 – Does anyone just go to the movies to see pure comedy films anymore?
07:20 – Dean and Matthew hang out with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
14:26 – Does anyone have more fun on set than Eddie Murphy?
17:15 – Denholm Elliot’s hilariously subtle performance.
19:16 – Penelope Witherspoon sounds like a Chappelle Show character.
24:36 – Maybe Jordan Peele was inspired by Trading Places.
26:00 – Paul Gleason is the perpetual 80s ball-breaker.
28:28 – Addressing a room full of people is an Eddie Murphy trademark.
32:26 – The Dukes can’t think like the filthy, unwashed masses.
33:57 – The whitest thing Dean has ever witnessed.
43:23 – Eddie Murphy is an amazing impersonator.
46:22 – The expertly timed third act.
55:32 – Dan Aykroyd’s black face.
57:24 – Breaking down the actual stock market piece of the plot.

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