True Romance (1993)

Episode Rundown
00:28 – Coming in HOT with the Gary Oldman talk.
10:22 – Tony Scott’s decision to keep “the kids” alive.
13:21 – Matt’s expectations were subverted in a good way.
20:01 – Matt makes a case for Slater as the best performance in the movie.
30:44 – The fairy tale part of “True” Romance.
34:20 – A younger Dean admired Clarence’s openness about his geeky passions.
37:51 – Sex, sex scenes, and our growing prudish nature.
55:34 – Poll Results: Favorite performances in True Romance.
58:41 – Christopher Walken is a legend.
1:01:51 – The amazing Drexl encounter, and Gary Oldman’s terrific performance.
1:10:09 – Cliford Worley (Dennis Hopper) facing down his killers like a gangster.
1:18:20 – An understated and great performance from James Gandolfini.
1:24:12 – Quentin Tarantino versus Tony Scott. Cerebral vs. Feeling.

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