Zardoz (1974)

Episode Rundown
00:31 – NRA rallies are getting REAL weird.
01:59 – Boorman and ‘trash brilliance’.
05:34 – Bold cheese.
08:32 – Beethoven’s 7th and some music talk.
10:39 – Laying out the plot. Kind of…
13:52 – A terrible aesthetic.
15:45 – The movie literally tells you to suspend your disbelief.
19:31 – Another crack at laying out the plot.
21:16 – Dean forces you to consider immortality. AGAIN!
23:34 – Another crack at laying out the plot.
32:28 – Let’s baffle you with Consuela talk.
38:32 – Trapped by our devices.
41:42 – Consuela and May.
44:57 – Queen of the Damned fan is back!
47:44 – Is Zed’s hidden motivation a detriment to the film?
52:21 – The innocent and murderous (and rapist) monster.
55:01 – Eventually evolution catches up to the designs of man.
1:00:58 – Dean fails AGAIN to explain his thoughts on Consuela.

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