I am routinely asked by listeners how they can support our show monetarily. My instinct is to immediately direct them to our Illuminati Membership which will provide access to lots of cool benefits. For more information on that click HERE. Outside of membership, here are some other options.

BITCOIN: BTC is the most preferable donation option. LSG BTC WALLET: 3Jg5eVKQhXrpriLyvzjM38k8t6W1kxPZaY

What is the benefit of donating?
Obviously if you’re reading this you are interested in our content and most likely interested in our continued success. Let’s be real: money helps us with lots of different things like equipment maintenance and upgrade, investment money for future projects, and having a little emergency fund for unforeseen costs.

How do I donate?
If you choose to donate BTC, just use the above address, otherwise you can donate directly on this page with a CC or Pay Pal. I believe the minimum donation is $1. Of course, any consideration is appreciated.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you for listening and supporting our efforts into the future. Running a successful podcast is a constant hustle and it wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thank you for everything.

Dean L. Martin

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